IPL Betting Apps: features, bookmakers’ offers

IPL is an Indian league of cricket that has a huge number of fans. It is not like many cricket leagues. It is shorter: the season lasts seven weeks. The games are also short – they consist of two innings and 20 overs per team. Against this backdrop, the IPL is a great league to bet on during live matches.

In this article we will tell you about the most popular types of betting and how to choose the best mobile app for betting on the IPL.

Choosing a mobile app: Where to bet on the IPL?

Many legal online bookmaker apps accept bets on the IPL. This is a league with a good reputation and a huge number of fans, so big bookmakers regularly publish lines on high level matches.

To choose a betting app for the IPL, you can follow the following link: https://onlinebettingapp.in/sport/best-ipl-betting-apps/. The site provides a detailed review of mobile apps of bookmakers that accept bets on this league.

Also, a scrupulous search will help in the choice. On the Internet and YouTube there are many different reviews, which will help to make a first impression about the brands of interest, as well as learn the nuances of the work.

Different types of IPL betting

Before you bet on cricket, you need to familiarize yourself with their main varieties:

  • Who will win the toss. The peculiarity of the bet is that here you do not need to conduct analysis, study predictions. In a toss, everything depends on luck, so the bettor needs to try to guess which team will be the first to enter the field and kick the ball.
  • On the winner. You choose one of the two teams, predicting its triumph in the upcoming meeting.
  • On the most productive partnership. You have to choose one of the proposed groups of athletes who will bring their team the most points.
  • On total. The bet is made on the total number of points that the opponents will score. Some bookmakers also offer bets on individual totals. In this case, you need to predict the number of points a certain team will score.
  • On the best pitcher/rebounder. A bet is made on the best bowler or batsman.
  • The exact score. It is necessary to predict the result with which the meeting will end.

Also in the bookmaker’s inventory other options for betting on cricket are available. Up to 70 markets are offered for prestigious tournaments.

How to ensure success in IPL betting apps

Beginning gamblers should remember that there is no 100% win strategy for betting. In IPL, betting requires a thorough approach from bettors. The exception is betting on the toss, where you can safely rely only on luck. In other cases, the strategy should be based on a thorough analysis.

It is also worth betting in IPL apps in Live mode. This provides a little bit of security against the unexpected, and will also allow you to choose the best outcome of the match based on what’s happening in the stadium. 

IPL betting must be backed up by analytics, then you will make more accurate predictions. But in betting, you can’t avoid losses, so it is additionally recommended to use systems to hedge your bankroll:

  • Martingale. The essence consists in constantly doubling the bet until you win. Then return to the original amount.
  • Catch-up. It is necessary to constantly increase the size of the bet when losing so that in the case of winning it covers the minus bet. Then it comes back to the initial sum.
  • Flat. You need to determine in advance the percentage of the bankroll that you will use for each bet – in the range of 2-5%.

Betting in IPL applications is an opportunity to make money on a popular sport. Conducting analytics and using financial schemes will ensure you a high success rate, which will have a positive effect on your profit level.