Drawing on his childhood fascination with the otherworldly & theatrical Scott Yoder elevates his sensitive song craft into fantastical heights with his second LP “A Fool Aloof.” An introvert at heart, Scott challenges his own singer/songwriter nature with a dynamic & engaging live show that has left audiences awestruck on his many tours promoting the single & album track “Ways Of Love.” Now with the full set of songs outlining his morphing identity out on Annibale & Burger Records Scott returns to the stage backed by a band of misfits romantics to seduce you with his mystic charm.

“A punch-drunk ode to cosmic love; one that you'll want to leave repeating on your turntable." - KEXP 

"Strong and personable, casting a spell over you that continues to buzz about your head.” - Grey Estates

"loud, sexy, witchy, visceral, and rocking as shit.” - Respect My Region

The guitar is powerful and Yoder’s voice is pure. Scott Yoder continues to be one of my favorite alt-rock acts.” - Elevator Magazine

“No matter what the sound the songwriting remains the strongest part of Scott’s work” - Clunk Magazine